End Of Class03

What an awesome class!! I´ve learnt a ton. If there´s someone out there who also want to take the Animation Mentor journey I definitely can recommend Keith Osborn as a mentor. A super nice guys with a lot of knowledge. And the important thing: He´s able to teach that knowledge!

Here´s the progress reel we have to upload each time a term ends

We also get an assessment at the end, describing strength and weaknesses of each student. This one was mine for this term:

Areas of strength: Patrick is a natural. He consistently does great work and turns it in on time each week. He’s able to work in a variety of styles and excels at every stage in the animation process. He’s also a good humored guy and is an absolute joy to work with.
Areas of improvement: Patrick might want to dial back the keep-alive just a bit so it doesn’t become distracting but overall, he’s a stellar animator so I don’t have a lot of things to say here.