Kaboom Stan made it in the Showcase 2013

Man, it´s probably the shortest shot in this whole showcase but… WHATEVER I´m in!
It´s the third one, by the way

My technical plan was to make something more extreme, more cartoony than I did before because I want to break into new territory to improve my skills. So I came up with this idea of Stan getting scared by a fire cracker. Originally Stan also should have looked angry to his friend but because of the frame limit I couldn´t implement all ideas.

Big shout out and congratulations to all great animators who are participating in this demo!

And the plan totally worked out! I learnt a ton with this shot. Trying to change your animation style is an AWESOME opportunity to improve your skills! The main reason for that is not only you get a deeper understanding of the animation principles, you often also need to use different planning and workflow techniques.

I also started to plan my stuff with simple 2d animations. Which is super fun! 🙂
Here some 2d planning for the shots after this Stan shot:

And this is the original. And the one and only Bobby Beck said about it:

„Okay, that is just AWESOME! Fantastic work!!!

So, big THANKS for that! 😀