Scaling Bypass

This quick tutorial is related to my fellow students at (amazing) Animation Mentor who have their given rigs and want to scale or mirror them.

Since it´s not recommended to change the rigs and scaling in general is a dangerous thing in animation you can do a little bypass for small changes (like scaling a ball or Tailor, etc.)

The simple trick is parenting the locked master control to just another control.
Create a new circle shape,

align it to the given master control

…with the help of a little script found on

and make the new shape the parent of the ball’s master control.

be careful with the selection order!

You should name this! For example „Scale CTRL“. This works for mirroring (negative scaling), too!

notice the scale numbers below the viewport

In addition to that you can simply choose the mirror axis by rotating the „Scale CTRL“ the way you want BEFORE parenting the master control to it. Or unparent it temporarily.