Like you already know (if you know what animationmentor.com is) assignment no. 2 is about an „excitement“ pose and a „classical“ bouncing ball animation. Because I´ve animated a whole bunch of balls, I wanted to add a little more complexity to it, by letting the ball hit a wall. Interesting enough: I can´t find any reference in the internet for this task!

Tried to gather all onformation in a sketch and make clear what I want to animate

So, I went in a shop, grabed a basketball and let it jump. The result was, after hitting the wall (I tried to make sure the ball was jumping up and not falling down, while hitting the wall) there are multiple possibilities for the actual rotation of the ball:

  • ball hits the wall, instantly stops, or almost stops its rotation and rotate the reverse direction after it hits the ground again
  • after hitting the wall the rotation even speeds up (in the original direction). Supposable depending of the angle it hits the wall, then changes direction like the one mentioned before
  • it instantly changed the rotation direction immediately after hitting the wall

Next was the excitement pose, which is really difficult, if you dan´t want to do cliché poses. And sadyl enough I can´t figure out a none-cliché pose. So I tried to make chosen one as best as I can.