This is a technical demo which had the goal to create my own CG character and integrate
it into a simple video.

This was my first attempt (2003) to produce a 3d animation from beginning to the end
including 3d modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animation and (manually ;)) camera tracking.
The footage was filmed in the backyard of the „Exzellenzhaus“ in Trier/Germany.

My dinosaur in a „Jurassic Park“ scene

Der Screenshot oben war ein „Test für zwischendurch“. Es handelt sich um eine Szene aus „Jurassic Park“, bei der ich den original Saurier retuschiert und mit einigem Lichtsetzungs-Aufwand meine CG-Figur eingefügt habe.


Before the actual composition with the footage, I did this test to figure out an appropriate walk cycle for the dinosaur: